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Dorinda's Music

Studio Album

At last!  You can buy Dorinda's music directly from Dorinda.  

An eclectic mix of adult hip hop, soft rock, pop and a little jazz thrown in. Catchy hooks, tunes and rhythms with superb lyric. This album will have you singing along, shaking your head and telling your friends about it. You should've found her sooner.

Genre: Pop: Sunshine Pop

Album Notes

This album has a lot of everything and surprisingly, is a well-blended mix of hip hop, reggae, jazz, pop, ballad and adult contemporary all rolled into one. A well-baked album of fun and sometimes poignant listening. But listening is not all you will be doing. You will be shaking your wild thang, you'll be singing along to the (many) catchy hooks and you'll be splitting your sides laughing at some of Dorinda's musical and lyrical antics!

This album is packed full of joyful, snappy song, rhythms and music you will cherish for years and years to come. You'll be out telling everyone what a discovery you have made.

Some of Adelaide's best musicians are on this album - namely Quentin Eyers, Darren (D-Man Mullen), and Natasha Boyar the driving force behind the "chops" on this must-have album.

All tracks written by Natasha Boyar. Some in collaboration with Dorinda Hafner & Quentin Eyers.  Registered copyright.

So now enjoy ........ 

 3 photos by Simon Cecere

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