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Dorinda burst onto our TV screens all over the world with her very successful Documentary series "A Taste of Africa" and it's subsequent international best-selling book by the same name.  To this day it remains (in it's many revised forms) the most interesting and sought-after book of it's kind in the world.  She has 5 "A Taste of" TV series spanning the UK, US, the Caribbean and beyond and her shows are seen in over 48 countries.  Her books have been translated into 5 languages and most recently Dorinda is broadcasting her amazing talents and skills as not just a food anthropologist and author but a public speaker, a designer, an artist, a storyteller not just for kids but for all ages who love to see and hear the soul of a true free spirit.

Dorinda is Australian and all that means is that she chose the country to bring up her kids and thus started to educate people in issues of acceptance and tolerance back in the days where there was little.  She started Africa in Schools, a very successful program to bring cultural understanding to the future adults who would go on to be influential in the Australian fabric of life.  She brought us all things "African" including the African Dance Troupe and a greater understanding of the fact that Africa is a continent, not a country.  To this day, she is still educating, but on a much larger scale.

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Public Speaking, Motivation, MC

TV appearances

Dorinda Hafner is a breath of fresh air.  Be in her company for more than a minute and you wonder what your life was like before you met her!  She is a teacher, a motivator, a free-spirit.  She moves into a room full of people for the sole purpose of reminding them that life is for living - this is what she was put on this earth to do.  At the very least - have fun - enjoy these pages and utilise her strengths and passion to harness your own and remind yourself every day is a good day - it's all a choice.

Dorinda at a glance

Dorinda has received numerous awards including:

  • African Australian Woman of the Year

  • Certificate of Appreciation for Outstanding Leadership and Advocacy for African Women & their communities in SA

  • Living Legend

  • Is a People of Australia Ambassador

  • Is an International TV celebrity Chef

  • Actor,

  • Businesswoman 

  • Best-selling author with 5 TV series and 8 books to her credit

  • Was a weekly food presenter with Bert Newton on Good Morning Australia for over 10 years

  • Is an outstanding MC, Keynote Speaker, Motivator and Marriage Celebrant

Dorinda MC for the Dalai Lama visit Adelaide Convention Centre

•    Thank you for the wonderful and very meaningful learnings and memories I brought home from the AFCC conference. Your beautiful energy filled the room not only during your keynote speech but also for the rest of the conference. I could feel a big change both in myself and of other delegates after your session, almost as though everyone had relaxed into a space that both honoured their uniqueness and the abilities they had to share and bring to the table. 
The Caboolture Early Years Centre

•    Thank you so much for the wonderful entertainment you provided. The VIEW members loved you. The night was a great success and I know everyone went away on a very high note.

VIEW, Voice Interests and Education of Women

•    On behalf of the Council of English Australia I'd like to thank you for your contribution to the
success of the English Australia Conference. Your closing plenary session was everything we wanted it to be, and more. Thank you for engaging and uplifting the delegates and ensuring they left on a ‘high', ready to go back to their classrooms and offices with renewed energy and purpose. Delegate comments have been exceptionally positive and I'm sure that for many your address was a high point of their
conference experience.
English Australia

•    Dorinda was delightful! Her enthusiasm was infectious and her ability to entertain, educate and interact had us all dancing with all ages was amazing and just what we needed. She managed to get everyone involved from our shy conservative types to the extroverted types, women and men all loved her bubbly personality and presentation. Personally, I also appreciated how she was able to tailor her presentation specifically to my theme and needs, in what was relatively short notice. Much appreciated. A job well done. 

Rossdale Homes

Client Feedback

•    A wonderful message you shared with everyone today. Thank you for your generous spirit and laughter that surely wakes up nations.
Hanns Enterprises

•    Thank you for your very inspirational talk and more so for being such a wonderful example to women! I admire the way that you live out this quote in your life, despite much opposition, you knuckle down and succeed anyway! I am always encouraged when I meet other women who are ‘blazing a trail' in some way or another.
Family First Candidate for Davenport

•    Dorinda was very entertaining, funny, inspirational and a fantastic MC. Dorinda managed to have the entire room up off their feet and laughing. This was the second time that I've had the pleasure of seeing Dorinda and was just as impressed as the first time.
Queensland Newspaper

•    Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation for your attendance at our Annual Staff Forum. I am sure you have heard from many that you are charismatic, engaging, funny, inspirational and skillful at taking people on a journey. Whilst all of our staff work alongside people who live with chronic mental illness, 75% of them also have the lived experience of mental illness or are carers. Your engaging presentation was powerful and empowering for some that have lived with stigma for much of their life. A mere thank you does not seem to be enough!
Mental Illness Fellowship South Australia

•    Thank you Dorinda for a FABULOUS night. I received great feedback, all thanks to you. Hope to work with you again soon. 
Health Partners 

•    Dorinda was amazing; she captivated the audience from the moment she got on stage and kept the energy level high until the very end. As a guest speaker for our fundraiser, Dorinda will be difficult to top next year.
The Mary Potter Foundation Inc

See the many faces of Dorinda and hear her singing "Delicious is You" from her music album (CLICK FOR MORE MUSIC)

Dorinda is a publicist's dream!

Honey I Shrunk the Chef





Only a few copies left!


Including postage Australia metro

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Paperback  "Honey I Shrunk the Chef"

You too can go from Fat to Funky!

"My easy, yummy recipes for weight loss and weight loss bandits - read more about my adventures . . . "

Dorinda lost an amazing 86kg since starting her weight loss adventure in 2007.  During this time Dorinda has prepared a food journal of her story in the form of a colorful and vibrant recipe book that includes her favorite meals, personal account of her struggles and success of achieving her weight loss with an adjustable gastric band and a lot of self- help all within...

This amazing book not only provides Dorinda's personal story but her recipes and real life tips on how she achieved this loss.


Recipes have been assessed by a dietician and tested by those seeking weight loss with surgery and without surgery.

189 pages  |  80 recipes with colour photos  

Dorinda's out of print titles

Try your local library or

Dorinda has been a wedding celebrant for many, many years.  Her Ceremonies are the most unique and special you can imagine. Whether it is a traditional-style wedding or a more unusual one, Dorinda can hand-make the ceremony to suit.  She has many tried and true options but is also fluid and able to work with you to create something you have in mind.


As a celebrant, she brings rich experiences, quality and passion to harmonise with your special day for the wedding with a difference. 


"You have not been married until you’re married by Dorinda”.


Her ceremonies are truly memorable! She is blessed with amazing joie de vivre and loves sharing with people. Let Dorinda work her magic with you and your guests to make YOUR special day one in a million!

  • Renewal of vows

  • Celebrity Weddings

  • Christening/ Naming

  • Ceremonies African

  • Ceremonies & Libations

  • African American Ceremonies

  • Rites of Passage

  • Special Birthdays & Anniversaries

  • Life Events, Cycles & Transitions

  • Change of Name/Business

  • Dedications of House/Business

  • Boat Launches

What people have said

Everyone just loved the ceremony and everything you brought to it! 

We feel honoured to have had you there!! 

Wedding Enquiry

Obligation-free enquiry for weddings with Dorinda

Dorinda is a lovely, flamboyant and passionate soul who delivers unforgettable wedding ceremonies. With so much care and love she involved the guests in the most touching ways . . . 

The ceremony was nothing short of perfect, fun and full to bursting with love. 

Dorinda's Music

Studio Album

At last!  You can buy Dorinda's music directly from Dorinda.  

An eclectic mix of adult hip hop, soft rock, pop and a little jazz thrown in. Catchy hooks, tunes and rhythms with superb lyric. This album will have you singing along, shaking your head and telling your friends about it. You should've found her sooner.

Genre: Pop: Sunshine Pop

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Album Notes

This album has a lot of everything and surprisingly, is a well-blended mix of hip hop, reggae, jazz, pop, ballad and adult contemporary all rolled into one. A well-baked album of fun and sometimes poignant listening. But listening is not all you will be doing. You will be shaking your wild thang, you'll be singing along to the (many) catchy hooks and you'll be splitting your sides laughing at some of Dorinda's musical and lyrical antics!

This album is packed full of joyful, snappy song, rhythms and music you will cherish for years and years to come. You'll be out telling everyone what a discovery you have made.

Some of Adelaide's best musicians are on this album - namely Quentin Eyers, Darren (D-Man Mullen), and Natasha Boyar the driving force behind the "chops" on this must-have album.

All tracks written by Natasha Boyar. Some in collaboration with Dorinda Hafner & Quentin Eyers.  Registered copyright.

So now enjoy ........ 

 3 photos by Simon Cecere

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Thanks! Message sent.

Dorinda is based in Adelaide, South Australia

​Tel: 0411-833 312

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