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Honey I Shrunk the Chef

Only a few copies left!


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Paperback  "Honey I Shrunk the Chef"

Including postage Australia metro

Topics Include:



Dorinda tells you what made her write this book about her extreme weight loss & the story of how she achieved it.


Prep for Surgery

How Dorinda prepared for surgery including Optifast and recipes to help.


Fending for myself

The emotional and psychological management of a food addict.


Public Image

Dorinda talks about how weight loss changed her relationships with friends, family and others.


Exercise Issues

Dorinda's road to making friends with regular exercise and how it affected her progress.


Bariatric Specialists

Hear from the Bariatric Specialists and experts who treated Dorinda and supervised her progress.


Portion Adjustments

Fun ways to permanent portion control.


Recipes for Success

Breakfasts/Lunches/Dinners/Desserts & Drinks

Dorinda fights back!

"I had never believed in weight loss just for the sake of it . . . "


I have always said that I would only consider losing weight when my size started to negatively impede on my lifestyle and/or if my health began to suffer. And so what was the catalyst that finally prompted a diehard like me to reluctantly take the bit between my teeth and run to the doctors for help? It was the blood test results I received just over 5yrs ago that did it. Until then, I’d been a type 2 diabetic for seven years on daily medication and blood glucose monitors, no worries I’d thought. But on that occasion in 2007, my GP called me in and read me the riot act – my blood test results were appalling and, my blood pressure was up, I got breathless on exertion and my knees were so troublesome, I would soon require bilateral knee replacements. It was the slap in the face I needed. I was stunned. I sat in my car and cried hysterically then resolved there and then to do something about it. I’m not going to be a statistic; I’ll address this matter intelligently and with a steely resolve.


I went home and discarded all unsuitable food materials from my cupboards and refrigerator then sat down and put together a comprehensive regimen of a fitness rescue for myself. This involved new menus, new eating, exercise plans and regular mental and psychological assessments of the deep seated reasons why I ate to excess. I needed to do this in order to ensure that the healthy changes I was about to implement would be for the long term. I did not and would not refer to my regime as dieting because in my mind, that sounds negative and implies deprivation. Instead, I looked to the positive and acquired a very sexy personal trainer called Nathan, a bit of eye candy inducement for the unpalatable business of regular, structured exercise.

The book is set out beautifully with an accurate photo for each recipe

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